About Us

Welcome to the Only Motel on Bearskin Neck!

 Welcome to the Bearskin Neck Motor Lodge, located on picturesque Bearskin Neck in historic Rockport, MA. All of our rooms are directly on the ocean in Sandy Bay Harbor with the tide stopping just 15 feet from your door! The front of the hotel is on Bearskin Neck giving our guests access to all that Rockport has to offer just steps from your door: beaches, art galleries, gift shops, hiking, music venues, and more. The back of the hotel is on the rocky shore looking out onto one of the most picturesque harbors in the state and provides a serene escape from the bustling town. Our location gives our guests the best of both worlds.  

Family Owned & Operated

 2020 marks the 52nd year that the Bearskin Neck Motor Lodge has been in operation! The lodge was built on the site of three dilapidated fishing shacks. The land owners, Mr & Mrs. Dominic DeBernardo set forth plans to build the hotel & tear down the fishing shacks in 1966. By 1968 the hotel was open for business with room rates ranging from $20-24. In the late 60's the Dunns took ownership of the motor lodge until around the year 2000. From there, third owners Tony Mancini (Lexington native) & Jack Byrd purchased the motor lodge. They continued to run the hotel, building a loyal client base, until 2013. In April of 2013 the husband & wife team, Eric & Krystle Leveille, purchased the Bearskin Neck Motor Lodge. As owners, our main goal is to provide clean rooms, a friendly atmosphere, and a memorable experience! Born and raised in Massachusetts, we're excited to be in Rockport and know just how special it is to visit this beautiful town. We live right on the property above the main office and are always here to help! We look forward to meeting each and every one of our guests. Due to our small size, we are not able to accommodate pets in the rooms. However, we have our own dog Zoey who serves as a greeter in the main office. If you are missing your own furry friend, just come say hello to Zoey!  

Improvement & Updates

 We've updated the property extensively in the short time that we've owned the Lodge. Simple cosmetic updates, a fresh coat of paint, updated furniture, and air conditioners in each room are just a few of the changes we made over the winter of 2014. We are also proud to say that, in addition to yearly updates and maintenance, we have completely renovated the main office during the winter of 2015. We designed the new office to create a better guest experience. We now serve coffee and tea during office hours. In addition, each room was updated with new curtains and curtain fixtures, custom sea glass wall art, refrigerators and built-in dressers. We're also excited about our updates over the 2018 winter consisting of newly re-finished bathrooms with porcelain tile floors, new bath fixtures and custom-fit granite vanity tops! 

Just when you thought we were done, 2020 has brought our biggest renovation to date. We replaced all the doors and windows in the Lodge. This led us to remove all old trim and replace with new white trim and ship-lap accent walls. Fresh Paint, new carpets, updated bedding, and modern decor transformed our rooms into a coastal chic oasis.  Come visit us to see all the improvements and enjoy our great location.   

Why Stay at our Motor Lodge?

The definition of a Motor Lodge or Motel is a type of hotel that is a single building with rooms that have entry directly from the parking lot. Motor Lodges and Motels were often "mom-and-pop" individually owned.  After a boom in road construction in the 1920s, more planning was put into a highway system. By the 1930s, people were traveling longer distances than before. Motor Lodges popped up along highways to serve this increase in travel for the American Public. The Motor Lodge became a booming industry with its heyday between the 1950s-1960s. These Motor Lodges offered color TVs, swimming pools, and other modern amenities that made them a destination, not just a stop on the highway. In the 1960s, as larger hotel chains began to pop up and a new freeway system was built, Motor Lodge began to decline. The decline led to properties being abandoned and run down, contributing to a negative connotation of the word "Motor Lodge" or "Motel."  

In a world with with thousands of chain or franchise businesses, consumers are beginning to want to shop small and support local. Motor Lodges are no different. We are independently owned by a family team, striving to offer our guests an excellent service in an amazing location. After our extensive renovations to the property, we are please to offer our guests a delightfully different experience than what Motor Lodge has come to mean. In fact, we are taking back the term and redefining what it means to be a Motor Lodge. 

Why Stay at our Motor Lodge? A Motor Lodge offers guests a stay at a small, independently owned property in the perfect location.  In today's fast paced world, don't you wish things were simpler? Stay in our coastal chic Motor Lodge for a throw back to those simpler times with modern amenities and outstanding service.